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About me

About Me

My name is Eric. I love computers.

I created my first website when I was 12 years old.

I created my first video game when I was 13 years old.

I created my first MMORPG when I was 15.

I just wrapped up my most ambitious game yet: “Beyond the Mountains.” It took 3 years.

That’s enough info, right?

I tend to keep to myself, so you’re not going to find a lot of info about me online. Sorry.

My Story

I’ve been obsessed with computers since at least 2005. That’s when my friend showed me RuneScape. It blew my mind, and I instantly wanted to create something that ambitious.

I had to start small. I created my first website in 2006. It was called “World of Eric,” and it was ambitious in the sense that the website hosted multiple midi files over gif tables. Yikes!

I created my first PC game in 2007. It was called “My Life: The Game,” and it was a terrible Sims-style game. Absolutely awful.

A year later, I mastered PHP and MySQL (or so I thought). I created a text-based MMORPG called “My Life: The RPG.” At its peak, the game hosted 350 users. A few months later, I accidentally deleted the MySQL database, erasing the entire game. I never thought of creating a backup. Whoops! I created an apocalyptic spin-off, but it never gained enough followers to warrant a full-time commitment.

After Apocalypse: The Game failed, I took 7 years off to focus on high school, college, and other things. I returned to programming in 2015, and won a small award for my “Marshmallow Boy’s Tiny Adventure” game jam.

I began working on the prototype of what would become Beyond the Mountains in 2020. It is my most ambitious game yet, with unique graphics, music, and millions of lines of code. I think it’ll be my masterpiece!

2023 UPDATE: It was my masterpiece!