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The Cities & Inspirations: Bryhana

I’ll try and add as much detail to this as I can.

You start the game in Bryhana. It’s a sleepy little village, hence the title track: The Sleepy Village.

The first screen.

Bryhana is the home to many key players in Evalon. You end up waking up in Gavin’s house to start the game. Gavin, Brandon, and Tara are on a mission to determine what is causing these massive thunderstorms in Evalon.

There is a little bit of drama as you learn that Brandon is missing (or dead). You’ll have to explore the sprawling dungeon under his house to find an item that you’ll need for the game.

The library, Ginger’s house, and a druid.

Although tiny, Bryhana houses a library, a small and varied population, and a fishing hole. Bryhana is a natural halfway point to many destinations. It is the calm before the storm, a moment of respite before true adventure.

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